This sweet little black and white domestic shorthaired cat has a slightly startled look, big green eyes widened, ears perked forward in anticipation…of…what exactly?  Mittens is a shy girl, even up close and personal she wasn’t quite sure what to think of shelter life, and who can blame her, with dogs barking, people bustling, phone ringing, lots of humans coming and going all the time – it’s a lot for a feline with a delicate disposition to get used to.  Hence, we placed her in a volunteer foster home to add some calmer enrichment to her life - we know that permanent home is just around the corner! 

Mittens arrived in June 2017.  She’s a ‘long-stayer’ in shelter parlance, but that should not deter you, prospective adopter, from considering her for your next pet if at the top of your Wants List is "must be affectionate, sweet, and one that purrs, constantly".  Please come and visit her at the NH Humane Society.

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Domestic Short Hair


5 years


Waiting for a forever home since June 19, 2017

This pretty little lady finds herself with us after her previous owner could no longer care for her. Coming here can be stressful for any animal and she is still taking her time to settle in. Nervous and reserved Mittens is still coming out of her shell for us. But with staff and volunteer attention she is slowly blossoming! In a forever home we are looking for one that understands the time she needs to settle in. However, once she does we promise she will be your best friend!

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