Chance is a shy, gentle boy full of love! He is looking for a patient owner that can work with him to help build his confidence. He would do best in an adult home and has done well with some dogs he has met here.





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3 years


Waiting for a forever home since May 20, 2019

Chance - so named by his original shelter, all the way in South Carolina, this sturdily built canine travelled a very long way for his "second chance".  

A medium-sized (overweight at the moment) brown dog, just about 60 lbs, Chance seems to have faded into the background of the adopting public’s consciousness and remains forlorn and lonely.  We know he would be a good dog with some guidance away from the shelter; for some dogs, it's too loud, too busy, too reactive for them to cope with the constant stream of visitors, amid the proximity of other canines.
Chance is actually a bit afraid of cats!  He may be able to enjoy the company of another dog at some point in his life, maybe a local canine playmate.  But, we must be very clear, he would do best an adults-only home.  Please come and visit this sweet three-year-old Shepherd mix today and chat with one of our knowledgeable adoption staff.  We really want to make the right match for him.   Fit, energetic, and jaunty, Chance is a dog that would suit active people.

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