23,353 Pictures Posted on #SNELovesPets!!

Here at the NH Humane Society we know how much WE love pets, and we know how much our fans and followers love pets, but now we know how much we all LOVE to post pictures of our pets! That's 23,353 to be exact - throughout the month of October you joined us and Subaru of New England in showing your love of pets and support of the shelter by posting pictures of your pets ons ocial media with the hashtag #SNELovesPets!

This was the most successful #SNELovesPets campaign to date… BY FAR. Support poured in from all over the “socialsphere” – other shelters, pet stores, animal advocates, Subaru retailers and the list goes on. THOUSANDS have shared not just pictures of their pets, but adoption stories to go along with them and stories about how important pets are to everyday life and wellbeing.

Without further ado, here are the results:

Facebook – 7,326 photos

Twitter – 10,854 photos

Instagram – 5,173 photos

Grand Total – 23,353! Up from 14,000 last year!


THANK YOU to all of our volunteers, employees, adopters and other animal supporters who posted a picture and spread the love.


Check out Subaru of New England's fantastic Promise to make a difference in the lives of animals.

Here are some of our favorite pictures, in no particular order (and they were ALL great!)