The Alex and Elisabeth Lewyt Wholly Charitable Trust Pledges $150,000 to NH Humane Society for Spay and Neuter Services

The NH Humane Society (NHHS) recently received a generous donation of $150,000 from the Alex and Elisabeth Lewyt Wholly Charitable Trust to fund spaying and neutering dogs and cats that come from families in need.

Because of this grant, spay and neuter surgeries will be provided to families in need at a no-charge basis.  This donation will make a tremendous impact on animals within the community, as the spaying and neutering of pets are crucial to addressing pet overpopulation.

“Contributions like these are crucial to putting our resources towards programs that promote responsible pet ownership throughout our community,” said Tony Matos, president of the NH Humane Society Board of Directors.  “The significant donation from the Alex & Elisabeth Lewyt Wholly Charitable Trust will allow us to carry forth our mission of advocating for animals by speaking for those that cannot speak for themselves.  We cannot express our gratitude enough.”

The Alex & Elisabeth Lewyt Wholly Charitable Trust began in 2016 out of Long Island, New York in honor of the late Alex Lewyt, a visionary, inventor and entrepreneur and his late wife Elisabeth “Babette” Lewyt, who was an advocate for animal welfare organizations.  She was well known in Long Island for driving her van to local shelters and rescuing as many dogs and cats as she could.  The Lewyts left the bulk of their fortune to their private foundation, which seeks to support organizations that are consistent with the Lewyts’ vision of improving the lives of companion animals, reducing animal cruelty and supporting programs for the general betterment of all animals.  

Since receiving this donation, the NH Humane Society has already been able to provide 35 surgeries to pets from families in the community, and will continue those efforts to help those who are unable to pay for the surgeries on their own.

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