Dodger the Hound is Pet of the Week!

YOUNG, inquisitive and born with approximately 220 million olfactory receptors – we humans have a puny 5 million – and are blissfully unaware of the natural world that is a cacophony of scent to this handsome hound.

Hounds have either a HOT NOSE; meaning they can tract a fresh trial or a COLD NOSE; able to follow an old or cold trail with no problem.

Needless to say, when you meet Dodger he’s a dog on the go, reacting to the bombardment of fresh trail information at New Hampshire Humane Society!

If you are as energetic as he (there will be no lollygagging on the couch) then it will be a match made in heaven.  Dodger will do well in a home with older children, and he craves the company of another, good natured dog, but will prove his worth in a hound-savvy cat free environment.

Join us for the Antique & Classic Car Show in Bridgewater, NH Saturday August 5!