Kiki & Marley are Pets of the Week


Two fast feline friends finding themselves at a loose end at NH Humane Society, now seek a permanent home – not separated.

They’ve always lived together, hence we do not want to split them up. Sadly surrendered by a family no longer able to care for the duo, we promised that  Marley aged seven and Kiki, just five years young, would not be parted.  

These two cats are an amiable, friendly couple who will assimilate well, after a settling in phase, into practically any home.     

Neither is fazed by usual family life and are wonderful feline companions in the making. Kiki, gorgeous tabby and Marley spiffy and all black have been waiting since June for a new home.   

Would it make them even more appealing if we told you that Marley has some musical ability- its true.  In his former home, he had been known to strum and pluck a guitar string or two, so if you have such an instrument and actively play it, this is indeed a special and fun trait.  We don’t know if he’s named after Reggae Icon Bob Marley, but he obviously has similar talents!