Meet Bear - Pet of the Week

The sweetness, cuddliness and sheer playfulness of 5-month-old Bear, a handsome little black kitten, will melt your heart when you see him.  Found wandering by himself, he was brought in by a concerned citizen. Somehow little Bear had become separated from his family.

We’ve provided vaccines, neutered him, and during the veterinary process found him positive for the feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV).  We’ve sent his blood for special testing to be sure it is the virus and not vaccine antibodies. Bear is healthy now - any virus present in his blood presents zero health concern to humans. We strongly recommend that should he be adopted into a home that already has cats, that they receive their leukemia vaccine as a precaution.

With a loving, indoor, safe home, we can expect Bear to lead a relatively normal life.  It’s true, he may not live to a ripe old age, but surely he can enjoy life to the fullest right now.

Bear would be happy in just about any home, friendly dogs, kind and respectful children, adults who can commit to an indoor-only home, and yes, even other cats, as long as they are already vaccinated against FeLV.

Please come and visit this adorable fellow.