Meet Fanta! Our pet of the week!

Fanta has been waiting for a forever home since February 1, 2018

Petite and sweet, Fanta, named because she is almost the color of the beverage produced by the Cocoa-Cola Company. We are not holding out hope that corporate giant will take her on as their poster child, but we have since this lovely little orange tabby cat represents what we do at New Hampshire Humane Society every day; care for the lost, abandoned, neglected, and unwanted until adoption day.

Originally a stray, brought to our shelter by a concerned citizen who saw her fending for herself when the weather was at its worst.   After settling in and endearing herself to everyone we noticed she was uncommonly thirsty, all of the time.  Our veterinarian has diagnosed a case of feline Diabetes.  This is not a reason to consider her unadoptable, but will require commitment to her dietary needs and eventually, more veterinary intervention.  

We want Fanta to enjoy a life away from the shelter.  We are willing to place her as a hospice candidate BUT a sincere promise to continue her care is required.

Fanta is cuddly, loveable, gentle, adorable on all counts she just needs that extra care. Visit this precious creature today!