Meet Jazmin - Pet of the Week!

Lost and lonely in a foreign land describes Jazmin, a petite Labrador mix who will be 1 year old in July.  She’s been calling New Hampshire Humane Society home since December, and has been quite overlooked by the adopting public for months.  We hope and pray this young dog will not celebrate her first birthday in our shelter!

Jazmin was abandoned outside the gates of a rescue in Puerto Rico.  Whoever dumped her did so with no regard for her health and well-being. She was seen literally staggering and falling over in the dirt, almost succumbing to dehydration.  This little dog has weathered the storms of human indifference and disregard for the basics – food, water, shelter, love.

We’ve provided all that and more, but who can blame her for not trusting people.  Jazmin is by degrees shy then bold.  Timid but so incredibly clever, she’s learned many new tricks.  She doesn’t ‘show well’ in her kennel, but outside kennel confines, her special obsidian gem qualities shine.  Her pensive look and those mournful eyes truly speak volumes.

Please give this young dog a chance, she surely deserves it.

Ask to speak with our Adoption Team to learn more.