Meet Ralph! Our pet of the week!

Waiting for a home since August 2017, the debonair and dashing Ralph, a large tabby boy; is hopeful he will find a new, permanent home soon. Can we all agree – SIX months is long enough to wait for that ‘love at first sight’ moment we often witness at New Hampshire Humane Society?

This stout, beautifully marked cat, aged seven, was surrendered by his family due to incompatibility with their small child. Ralph is just not that into toddlers – but this quirk should not preclude him from finding a happy home.  He just prefers the company of adults!

Ralph originates from Louisiana, and true to the ‘sportsmen’s paradise’ theme of the Bayou State, Ralph does enjoy the great outdoors, some of the time.  This does not mean we are looking for a home where he will be left constantly outside, but he does love the feeling of our crisp New Hampshire breezes wafting over his keen cat senses. Ralph is renowned for his mouse hunting abilities- this skill alone was the reason he was adopted in the first place. Ralph coexisted with the family dog, until it’s passing, no one knows for sure if he will be similarly affectionate towards an existing canine in the home. You’ll have to play that one by ear.

If you are smitten with the roguish good looks of a proven rodent dispatcher (!) then Ralph may just be the cat you are looking for.