Molly is Pet of the Week!

Big fat cats seem to be the order of the day at New Hampshire Humane Society, we love them, the adopting public is in awe of  their size, our staff veterinarian says “ must lose weight!” 

Molly, aged just six years old, is a very large cat.  Surrendered by her family when they needed to focus on eldercare issues, she has lived her life mostly laying languidly on the back of the sofa and demanding food, which she received, regularly, and probably when one acknowledges the sheer girth of her midriff, gobbled up a little too much kibble.She is a sweet, personable cat. Currently tipping the scale at 22.7lbs; in her defense, she has already shed 11/2lbs since beginning her diet and exercise programme at New Hampshire Humane Society.

We hope for a home that will continue this regime, encourage her to walk about the house, monitor her treats.  Obesity for Molly is both uncomfortable and detrimental to her health and longevity. Fow now she has her own special accommodations at New Hampshire Humane Society, not confined to a cage and not residing with a group of other cats where she would undoubtedly help herself to more than her fair share.  Come and see with Portly Princess, she really is a peach!

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