NH Humane Society Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Janice Britton of Sanbornton

“I am an animal advocate.”

How long have you volunteered with the NH Humane Society, and what prompted you to volunteer with the organization? 
I have volunteered at the NH Humane Society for a little over a year. My love for animals and volunteering is what prompted me to volunteer with the organization. 

Why do you volunteer for the NH Humane Society, and what do you most enjoy about volunteering?
I like getting to know the animals, especially the shy and fearful cats in the program. It is incredibly rewarding to see a shy and timid cat that once didn’t trust people, to finally enjoy being around them. It’s a slow process but it is fascinating to watch. It’s not surprising to see a cat take up to six months to regain its trust with humans - it requires baby steps.

I think what’s important about the NH Humane Society, is that we have the dedication, commitment and drive to work with the animals as long as they need it. We want to find them the right home.

What’s a typical day like for you as a volunteer?
I take care of the foster animals so I start my day by taking care of them at my home. Some of the responsibilities I have are cleaning their litter boxes, feeding them and smothering them with love. At the shelter, I can usually be found in the room with the cats that are shy and fearful. I’m not picky about the work that I do. I try to help out wherever is necessary for a few hours each day. I really enjoy it.

What’s it like meeting a family who is about to adopt a pet?
It’s always a happy, good time! Everyone is excited about the animal going to their new home. 

Any good/positive stories to share from your experience as a volunteer?
It’s such a great feeling when someone who has adopted a cat or dog gives us an update and lets us know how the animal is doing in the new home. I had a foster for four months, he was adopted and a little while later the new owner gave us an update and sent photos along as well. The owner shared that they had become best buddies with the cat. It was really a good feeling to know that a cat that I fostered, found and really fell in love with its perfect home. I love getting updates from owners – it’s always great to find out that animals we cared for are happy and loved in their new homes.   

What do you do outside of your volunteer work (please share any passions or hobbies, e.g. hiking, biking, fly-fishing, reading)? 
I am a huge football fan so you will often find me at a Patriots game - I even travel to an away game now and then. In the summer, I enjoy boating and gardening and in the winter, I’m learning to cross country ski.

Do you have a pet and if so, what’s their name?
I have two dogs, Maggie and Domino. Maggie is seven years old and is a Border Collie/Golden Retriever/Black Lab mix and Domino is a six year old Australian Shepherd/Cattle Dog mix. They were both adopted shelter dogs.

Anything else you’d like to share?
I encourage people to volunteer. It is a great experience. If you can’t volunteer during NH Humane Society hours, fostering is a wonderful alternative.

How to Volunteer:
The NH Humane Society relies on our many dedicated, compassionate volunteers to help us fulfill our mission and expand our services.  Volunteers keep our shelter running smoothly and provide our animals with much needed socialization, exercise, and most importantly, love. 

All volunteers who work within the shelter and directly in contact with animals are required to be 18 years of age.  However, if you are at least 16 years of age, you can work at events and other shelter-related activities. We are always ready to welcome new volunteers.  If you are ready to share your time, talents, and love, please download and review our Volunteer Application to bring to the shelter, or apply online.