NHHS to Provide Pet Food and Additional Services Through Pet Compassion Project

In an effort to alleviate concerns for some who may be experiencing hardships related to COVID-19 and the associated health and economic impacts, the New Hampshire Humane Society is launching its Pet Compassion Project.  This new effort includes making pet food available for free through its expanded Pet Pantry Project, launching a referral service for animal care, consultation services on issues around surrendering a pet, and providing fun and informative pet-related social media videos that can be found on NH Humane’s Facebook page.

For the Pet Pantry, NH Humane will provide a supply of food and arrange a no-interaction pickup at its location at 1305 Meredith Center Road, Laconia.  If an individual is not well and needs a delivery, NH Humane staff will deliver food as soon as possible and while supplies last.

Those in need of pet food for pick-up or delivery should contact NH Humane by email at reception@nhhumane.org or by calling 603-524-3252 during business hours.  NH Humane welcomes donations to support these efforts to ensure pets in the community do not go hungry in times of crisis. While food donations are usually welcome, the organization is making every effort to avoid risks.  As such, financial contributions are encouraged and can be made online at NHHumane.org.

NH Humane also recognizes that individuals who are pet owners and have been affected by the direct and indirect impacts of COVID-19 might be considering surrendering their animals.

“If you or someone you know is unsure if an animal can be cared for, please contact us and we can talk through the situation and see if we can come up with a solution to keep you united with your pet,” said Charles Stanton, executive director of NH Humane.

The organization has also adjusted some of its policies due to COVID-19 and public health concerns.  Effective immediately, the offices will be open to the public by appointment only for those considering adoption. Appointments can be made by phone by calling 603-524-3252.  The volunteer programs have been temporarily discontinued until further notice.  Surgery appointments will be honored and drop-off instructions will be modified as needed.

Additionally, NH Humane recommends that veterinarians serve as the first point of contact for pet owners.  If there is an emergency, the vet or an emergency animal hospital are the best resources.  Regarding animal transfer of COVID-19, the CDC has said that pets are not able to contract or carry the virus.

Image Caption:  Some of the longer term residents who are at the NH Humane Society and are available for adoption and looking for their forever homes include (from top left and clockwise) Ruby, Chance, Enzo and Junior.

About the NH Humane Society

Founded in 1900, the NH Humane Society (NHHS) is dedicated to finding responsible and caring forever homes and providing shelter for lost, abandoned and unwanted animals.  The NHHS implements educational programs and provides services to promote responsible pet ownership and the human-animal bond.  And finally, the NHHS works tirelessly to prevent cruelty to animals. Located in Laconia, the NHHS has the fourth highest adoption rate in New England.