Pending Legislation to Protect Animals in New Hampshire needs your support

SB569 is under review by the Senate Finance Committee. Why?  This bill seeks to change our weak rules relative to licensing of commercial dog breeders. 
There is a $200,000 appropriation to provide needed resources within the New Hampshire Department of Agriculture, Markets and Foods (DAMF). This funding will allow some expansion of an understaffed department. These additional staffers would be responsible for inspections of and issuing and monitoring existing licensees.

Senate Bill 569-FN clarifies the definition of a commercial kennel as an entity which is both "in the business of transferring animals" AND "has seven or more breeding female dogs kept or maintained for the purpose of selling the dog’s offspring".

Its time now, dear animal advocate to use your voice, channel your concern about how many dogs are being bred and kept within our borders. Speak for them and lodge your request that the appropriation is supported.

You are a taxpayer.
You are an animal lover.

Our elected officials who sit on the committee need to know you want this important bill to pass into law. There are four breeders currently licensed in New Hampshire. Four. Estimates by those already in the business of breeding put the likely number of breeders who should hold licensure operating as commercial breeders closer to eighty.

Eighty more, currently under the radar, invisible to oversight, only noticed when enough people make the call to law enforcement, animal control, local animal shelter, and finally rescue happened. 

Not all dog breeders are unethical. Not all act as the recently convicted. Oversight is not unreasonable but a protection for those who have no voice. 

If you were rightly upset by the Wolfeboro Great Dane unlicensed breeder case, then please contact the Senate Finance Committee and ask them to approve this appropriation. 


Email the Chairman of the Finance Committee: Chairman Gary Daniels and Honorale members of the Senate Finance Committee. The Committee will met and vote on Mondays March 19th. please call, or send your email asking them to support this measure today. 

One simply but heartfelt and thoughtful paragraph from YOU asking them to support the appropriation for the inspectors, is all that I am asking you to do now. 

Email list:

Read the fact sheet here.

The phrase "Pennywise, pound foolish" comes to mind. Let's all support the appropriation now, versus the expenditure of many more hundreds of thousands of dollars, and immeasurably suffering of puppies and adult dogs such as the cases in BERLIN, CONWAY, BRISTOL, ALEXANDRIA, WOLFEBORO... 

Thank you so much for your dedication. For the creatures.