Pet of the Week: Anton!

Wandering alone in Laconia back in March, when the weather was still cold, there was still snow on the ground and life on the streets would have been fraught with danger of starvation and dehydration.  This stately black cat arrived under Police escort with a rather sweet note that he had ‘tiny ears’.  We’ve christened him Anton.  He is calm and sweet, gentle, laid back, happy to be indoors where food is plentiful and humans are kind.

Anton awaits his next chapter enjoying the social rooms of the shelter and our Catio, a nicely appointed three-season porch area.  He likes the high spots to relax in and really is an easy keeper.  Being a little older means Anton isn’t that interested in running about the place, leaping off furniture or scaling the drapes at 2am like a rambunctious kitten.  What he is interested in doing, for hours at time, like a big cat on the Serengeti, is relaxing and napping until dusk and suppertime!

Anton tested positive for the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus [FIV], but we are able to confidently place him in a home, and he could live quite peaceably with other felines without compromising their health and vigor.  He seems unconcerned about the barking of dogs, and the patter of  children; truly, he’s a family cat in the waiting. 

Please visit this handsome black cat – seeing his paws poking out of the cat tree he likes best, surely will enamor you!