Plymouth Regional High School Class Trip

Danee Morrison’s class at Plymouth Regional High School recently came in to the shelter for a school trip. They met with our Education Outreach Team to learn all about Animal Shelter Careers. They had the opportunity to speak with out veterinarian, Dr. Bach, certified vet tech, Ashley, one our our adoption counselors, Kristen (and her dog Oliver!), and our Executive Director, Marylee. They also received a tour of our facility, so they could see where all the animals are housed during their stay with us.

We received a wonderful note from Danee - who ended up adopting a dog from us! "We cannot thank you enough for all of your time and dedication to all of the beautiful animals that cross your doorstep! And thanks to you all for such a memorable experience for all the students. I came back with my children and they fell in love with Layna, whom my son has now named Hazel, the minute they met her so she has now found a forever home with us. Thanks for giving so much and for our new family member also! Our love andthanks Danee Morrison and class"

It was wonderful meeting all of you, we are so happy you enjoyed your time with us!