Stache is Pet of the Week!

Stache gets his name from the dapper mustache that he has. Stache is another resident of our small cat social room, which means he like all the others in  there are nervous of new people. He will do best in a quiet home with other cats for him to socialize with and learn from! He is one of the more outgoing cats in that room and with the right fit in a new home could become a very social butterfly. A busy house with small children and a lot of people in and out would most likely be too overwhelming for Stache. 

NH Humane Society truly is safe harbour for animals, so many survive by their own wits and the sometimes kindness of strangers.  Little Stache, adorable black and white cat, aged about three, with appropriate markings, hence his name, survived in less than stellar conditions.  Cats will find somewhere to sleep out of the ravages of the weather even if that spot is ramshackle or derelict; for them, it’s better than the rain and snow, but  hardly ideal. Stache arrived in April and has proven to be a ‘cat's cat’ - he loves the company of other felines and has discovered that humans actually can be relied upon to provide a warm, cozy, clean environment, which may not have been his prior life experience. 

Now vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, healthy and ready to go, Stache is more than ready to find his forever home.  Stache does require that one special commodity…time to settle. Having fit so well into shelter life, that next move is going to feel like another uprooting for him. With the proper amount of patience and understanding for a cat that has endured so much in his young life, he truly deserves the permanent luxury of a caring forever home where he can further blossom and flourish.  

Check or Call 524-3252 to find out more about Stache.