We get by with a little help from our friends…

Our shelter enjoys but two degrees of separation from the community:  Given our close ties to those that care about the welfare of animals, those that seek to open their hearts and homes to an unwanted animal; and, those that really want to help us sustain the mission and further the vision of NHHS.

During the month of February, the Empire Beauty School in Laconia ran an Open Arms for Puppy Love campaign, whereby students donated $1 from every haircut offered at the school, held a raffle, and collected items our shelter pets.  Further, our Ambassadogs, Daisy the Boxer, and Muffin the Shih Tzu, both active Therapy Dogs, visited the students on Fridays during the collaboration and participated in their staff meetings, spreading love and good cheer.  These soon-to-be-minted stylists donated $250 and an entire car load of supplies to the shelter this month.  Such generosity and kindness.  Thank you!  

On the same day, we hosted students from New Hampton School during Project Week, for a deep dive into the inner workings of the shelter.  A group of students spent the day with us learning about all aspects of the shelter with a special emphasis on how transports, and dogs particularly, travel from homeless creature to adopted pet at the New Hampshire Humane Society.  These young people met with our canine behaviorist, had a full tour of the shelter hosted by two of our hard-working staff, and met the Operations, Finance and Executive Directors.  They learned about legislative issues currently being considered in Concord, specifically SB569.  To round out the day, the students presented us with a donation of $300 – proceeds from the February Smooch a Pooch initiative.  The funds were directed to our kennel Guardian program.

L to R:  New Hampton School students, Karen Bald (NHHS Finance Director), Marylee Gorham (NHHS Executive Director).  Foreground: Ambassadog Oliver sniffing the presentation cheque.

As a small, independent animal welfare agency, providing safe harbour for the lost, abandoned, neglected and unwanted cats, dogs, puppies, kittens, rabbits, rats, and the occasional bird and ferret, we humbly accept this thoughtful stewardship.

We never take our friends for granted, holding them near and dear.