Friday, July 28

HOLDERNESS, NH – The Little Church Theater is no stranger to art and entertainment, serving as a gathering place for creativity in the performing and visual arts in the Squam Lakes region; but this summer, the Little Church Theater is expanding its mission to use theater to benefit another worthy cause – the rescue animals of the NH Humane Society. Read More

Wednesday, July 26

Moral of the story: Know your breed characteristics before you adopt, and prepare accordingly! Getting mad at Bentley for doing what he was breed to do would be like getting upset with the dance instructor for teaching her students to dance. Read More

Tuesday, July 25

YOUNG, inquisitive and born with approximately 220 million olfactory receptors – we humans have a puny 5 million – and are blissfully unaware of the natural world that is a cacophony of scent to this handsome hound. Read More

Monday, July 24

Be a Summer Savior Today - Your donation will help us provide the best care to every animal – those just like Max - who find themselves at our door.  Read More

Tuesday, July 18

Thousands of years ago there was nothing but wildlife in the American territories, where we now have highways, skyscrapers, huge factories, and parking lots. We have interfered with Mother Nature in multiple ways, and it has its consequences, both good and bad. Read More

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