Wednesday, July 12

Cathy Murray likes to entertain at home, and would sometimes gather her friends and a professional painter for an afternoon of canvas painting, snacks and fun. When she inherited her father-in-law's dog, Scooby, who was diabetic and had a lot of medical issues, a new idea was born. Read More

Tuesday, July 11

Looking for some part-time work that will make a true difference? Join our time as a Receptionist at the NH Humane Society Shelter. Read More

Thursday, June 29

Meredith, NH – the Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop in Meredith, a long-time cornerstone of the Mill Falls Marketplace, is expanding its philanthropic mission to include the animals at the NH Humane Society. Effective immediately, The Meredith Scoop Shop will donate 50% of the proceeds of every Doggie Delight ice cream bowl sold to the shelter. Read More

Thursday, June 29

"Real Stories North Of Concord” presents a “StorySlam” on Thursday, July 13th at 7:30pm at Pitman’s Freight Room in Laconia as a fundraiser for the New Hampshire Humane Society.  A “StorySlam” is where those interested in sharing a real-life, personal story based on the theme for the evening can register. Twelve storytellers will be selected at random and have up to six minutes to tell their story. Not all who have a story will be picked if more than 12 names are entered. Read More

Wednesday, June 28

He was found lying in a gully along Hurricane Road in Belmont – filthy and dehydrated, his face bloody and infected from a cruel metal and leather muzzle encasing his snout, two of his dew claws ripped clean off from trying to free himself.  The muzzle had clearly been on him for too long, digging into his face down to hard tissue, leaving deep, oozing indentations. He was unable to eat with it on, or easily drink water, or defend himself in the wild. Good Samaritans called the police and waited by his side for rescue. Read More

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