Friday, March 31

It isn’t often that we actually know when a creature was born, but in the case of Frosty, we absolutely do. One of  seven kittens born at the shelter to a little stray cat scooped off the streets back in March of 2014.  That winter was particularly brutal! She flourished in foster care and was quickly adopted as a naughty rambunctious kitten. She was returned in September 2016 now a rather portly, but stately adult in her prime.  Read More

Tuesday, March 28

Calvin & Diego; two partners in canine crime, are wizened travelers indeed. They hail from San Antonia Texas, and may have originally enjoyed life at Lackland Air Force Base, until finding themselves between homes – hence their journey to the cooler climes of New Hampshire, in search of a permanent home. Read More

Friday, March 24

Congratulations to Nancy J. February 2017 Volunteer of the Month! Nancy is a long -time canine volunteer who has logged almost 2,000 hours of volunteer time. During any given shift Nancy can be seen walking dogs, doing laundry and cleaning kennels. In the winter months Nancy tirelessly shovels snow and chips ice to help free up outdoor kennel space and keep pathways clear. Nancy jumps in wherever needed and is a strong advocate for the dogs. Nancy says of her experience at the shelter, “It feels so good to help the dogs. It’s good for the soul. Read More

Tuesday, March 14

FRANCINE has good reason to look a little worried, some might say pensive -  she’s been overlooked at New Hampshire Humane Society in favour of the fluffier, cuter, smaller, prettier dogs since January! Life is indeed a bit of a beauty contest for shelter dogs and especially for those that have that ability to look piercingly into the souls of humans… Are WE good enough for her, is what we should be asking ourselves. Read More

Monday, March 13

Ethan Raphaelson, a 4th grader at Sant Bani School in Sanbornton, used his service project this year to create "Comfort for Animals" here at the NH Humane Society.  Ethan crafted almost a dozen beds for the cats and dogs awaiting their forever homes at the shelter, from cozy and colorful fleece material, fit to the measurements of the various kennels and cages. Ethan and his family delivered the beds to the shelter last week, spending some time to visit the cats and dogs who would enjoy his hard work. Read More

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