Tuesday, February 28

Pensively optimistic that the right home, with the right people is not too far off, Bella Luna, awaits her next adventure at New Hampshire Humane Society. “Beautiful Moon”  in Italian this pretty little dog, with a squishy curled tail like a Boston Terrier, and fetching Brindle markings, like a tiny Boxer, and lanquid brown eyes like a dog that just wants a permanent home, she requires an adults only home and one where she is the one and only dog. Read More

Tuesday, February 21

There is a new game in town at Plymouth Common Man Inn & Spa – the Pemi Baker Vendor Bingo game, held monthly on the third Thursday.  The game is only 2 months old, with the February game, held on February 16, 2017, benefitting the NH Humane Society, on Meredith Center Road in Laconia. Debbie King, who sells Origami Owl jewelry, and Becka Morrill, a thirty-one independent consultant, knew that there was a bingo game in Laconia, but decided that Plymouth was ripe to host its own game. Read More

Wednesday, February 8

Thanks to our amazing community, we reached our goal of 40 new Kuranda beds in less than 30 hours! In just a few days, a total of 46 beds, 5 repair kits and a couple of replacement fabrics were donated through the Kuranda Buy a Bed program. Now each and every one of our kennels can have a sturdy new Kuranda bed for our canines. Mr. Pigglesworth is testing them all out for us. Read More

Wednesday, February 8

When our cat Athena moved in I thought “ok, this can work -  maybe…” She is after all an older feline, with the stately demeanor of a dowager.  Slate grey fur, offset beautifully with her little white socks and swath of equally white fur on her chest – she really is spectacular with her long fur gently wafting as she sits, in front of a breeze from an unknown origin. Athena has the most amazing green eyes and in the right light you can see a flicker of evil and mischief in them. Read More

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