Wednesday, February 8

When our cat Athena moved in I thought “ok, this can work -  maybe…” She is after all an older feline, with the stately demeanor of a dowager.  Slate grey fur, offset beautifully with her little white socks and swath of equally white fur on her chest – she really is spectacular with her long fur gently wafting as she sits, in front of a breeze from an unknown origin. Athena has the most amazing green eyes and in the right light you can see a flicker of evil and mischief in them. Read More

Monday, February 6

February 6, 2017 -  STAR Read More

Monday, February 6

Storm is a cheery, outgoing Labrador type who has not yet reached her first birthday and already finds herself without a permanent home.  Humans have been working tirelessly to get her to the place where she will find a loving forever home – your local shelter; New Hampshire Humane Society.  In conversation, it’s been mentioned that we are Shangri La for dogs – a warm, compassionate place for dogs to heal – and a place where people will fall in love with them. Read More

Thursday, February 2

Winter can be tough for our furry friends! Ancient Willows has developed a line of all-natural herbal infused products to help. Mr. Pickles Perfect Paws - an all-natural healing salve to soothe those dry, irritated paws and hot spots. Miss Betty's Be Blissful Mist - an all-natural calming pet bed, fur and air freshening mist. Read More

Friday, January 27

LACONIA - We all know that the New Hampshire Humane Society, located on Meredith Center Road in Laconia, is the area’s go-to for animal rescue and other shelter services. But did you know that you can find NHHS volunteers right in your community? Read More

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