Thursday, February 2

Winter can be tough for our furry friends! Ancient Willows has developed a line of all-natural herbal infused products to help. Mr. Pickles Perfect Paws - an all-natural healing salve to soothe those dry, irritated paws and hot spots. Miss Betty's Be Blissful Mist - an all-natural calming pet bed, fur and air freshening mist. Read More

Friday, January 27

LACONIA - We all know that the New Hampshire Humane Society, located on Meredith Center Road in Laconia, is the area’s go-to for animal rescue and other shelter services. But did you know that you can find NHHS volunteers right in your community? Read More

Monday, January 23

Visit the Laconia T-Bone and Cactus Jack's this week, Monday, January 23 - Sunday, January 29, for a chance to spin the "Donation Wheel" and support the NH Humane Society! Read More

Friday, January 20

In an era when the “1%” and corporate greed are all over the news, it is nice to remember that some businesses are active community partners, generous and caring. Read More

Wednesday, January 18

1/16/2017 - Life on the streets is tough for cats in any season. Contrary to what humans think, that they can fend for themselves, survival skills are not inherent and have to be learned. Little Momma cat, luckily found herself homeless in the heat of last summer. A concerned citizen brought her to New Hampshire Humane Society rather than turning a blind eye to her obvious distress. 
Read More

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