Monday, May 14

This sweet little black and white domestic shorthaired cat has a slightly startled look, big green eyes widened, ears perked forward in anticipation…of…what exactly? Read More

Friday, May 11

Our Community partners, Alicia and Donna Turner visited today with little Grace in tow, to present a gift of $500 in support of our mission and the animals who call our shelter home.  These two women are part of the family management team, (John Turner could not join the photo op today) who run local local Biker Bar The Broken Spoke in Laconia.  Being strong advocates of our animal shelter, they donated proceeds from a recent event held there.  Read More

Friday, May 11

The Humane Society is holding its Annual Meeting at the Beane Conference Center on May 22nd, from 5:30-7:30pm.  The center is located at 35 Blueberry Lane in Laconia. Join us as we share the successes and stories of 2017, and review our plans for continuing our mission in 2018.  Light refreshments will be served.  Plus, you'll have the opportunity to meet Senator Jeb Bradley, Majority Leader of the New Hampshire state Senate! Read More

Monday, April 23

Waiting for a forever home since February 16, 2018.. Considering Duke has endured much upheaval in his life, it’s a wonder he’s even interested in the comings and goings of humans, but he still carries himself with noble poise and dignity, exuding a quiet confidence not often seen in a shelter environment.  As long as he can carry a soft toy or two in his mouth, he meets each day with optimism, thinking “maybe today I’ll find my permanent home?”  Read More

Sunday, April 15

Our thanks to our friends at Belknap Subaru and New England Subaru who supported our shelter with the #SNELovespets project last year – and recently came in for a visit (weather constraints held up their visit).   Read More

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