Wednesday, September 21

The name of your pet can directly impact how people perceive you the pet owner, as well as your pet itself and to some extent, how your pet perceives you. Let me give you an example. When my daughter was six years old, my wife and I made the decision to get a dog. Actually, I wore my wife down with constant pleading for years. She was attacked by a neighbor’s dog when she was young. To say the least she was not a fan of dogs. The canine perpetrator was a large breed dog. Part of my persuasive argument was, “We’ll get a small dog, like a cocker spaniel, what can go wrong?” Read More

Friday, July 22

Who doesn’t love a nice portly, jovial cat?  The sheer rotundity of felines should be in direct proportion to their good humor and amiable demeanors.  Oh, but wait, we are discussing cats after all, who as a species, demand complete dominion over all mere mortals.  We are therefore; taking extreme liberties thinking we can control something as mundane in their lives as, well, their weight.  Read More

Friday, July 15

Life in an animal shelter, even ours, where we diligently provide enrichment and interactive stress free opportunities for dogs that have no home to call their own, well, it’s still somewhat terrifying for some of them. Read More

Friday, July 8

Remember the languid crooning of Ella Fitzgerald singing about the lazy hazy days of summer? Sounds idyllic if you are poolside enjoying a cocktail, or ensconced in waders, immersed in cool rushing waters flying fishing. For our four legged companions, summer heat is not as much fun. Read More

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