Tuesday, January 23

Waiting for a forever home since November 15, 2017 Sweet Hound/Lab mix aged just about three years young seeks constant, loving home. We say ‘constant’ because  lovely Serenity has endured a bit of a whirlwind before finally finding a set routine at New Hampshire Humane Society.  She, like many dogs we have helped, represents the collateral damage of human lives gone awry and as is often the case, family pets get caught up in the negative drama of our lives. Read More

Thursday, January 4

Waiting for a forever home since October 2, 2017 Large and in charge, that would be TomTom, aged about four years.  This big black and white cat was living the “gangsta” life on the mean streets of Laconia before a kindly good Samaritan (whom we know well) was able to scoop him up and bring him to the warmth and safety of New Hampshire Humane Society. Read More

Thursday, December 21

Mrs. Black’s class at Woodland Heights Elementary School recently donated proceeds raised from their annual bake sale! They raised $355 for the animals at NHHS! This will help care for the many cats, dogs, kittens, rabbits, and Sweeney Todd, the rat, who may not find a home this Christmas. Teacher, Ms. Black said “in the four years since we’ve been holding our Bake Sale, this is the most we’ve ever raised!”.   Read More

Thursday, December 21

With the weather turning colder and the holidays around the corner, it’s a good time to review some simple precautions we can take to keep our furry friends safe through the season.  As is often the case, prevention is the best cure, so here’s a quick refresher of some common things that may be harmful to pets. Read More

Friday, December 15

Waiting for a forever home since August 28, 2017 Tall, stately, brindle coated Terrier mix, Rhonda is a dog who has endured may twists and turns on the road to a secure, loving forever home. Including a very quick return after being adopted before Thanksgiving. Dogs need time to blend into a new family setting, rarely is this effected in a few short days.  Our adoption counselors know what dogs need and we take the leap of faith this will be followed.  Read More

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