Wednesday, November 1

Courtesy of the National Day NATIONAL COOK FOR YOUR PETS DAY Read More

Wednesday, October 25

Manny came from Puerto Rico, where he had a difficult start to life. Because of this, he is going to need a special, quiet home. He is very unsure around new people but warms up quickly if you treat him kindly. Once he knows you're safe, he is super affectionate and loves to give kisses! He is content to always be in your lap, nestling your shoulder.  See Manny in Action in his Foster Home Read More

Wednesday, October 25

Lucy does not know she is a muted calico cat and should, by definition present an attitude of haughtiness and entitlement, rather, she is so glad to be cuddled by any humane, her purring demeanor wins over absolutely everyone! We know she was abandoned. We know she was desperately trying to survive away from the creature comforts she should never have been separated from.  Lucy is so incredibly affectionate and likes to wrap herself around your shoulders, impersonating a warm, fluffy scarf. Read More

Monday, October 16

Stache gets his name from the dapper mustache that he has. Stache is another resident of our small cat social room, which means he like all the others in  there are nervous of new people. He will do best in a quiet home with other cats for him to socialize with and learn from! He is one of the more outgoing cats in that room and with the right fit in a new home could become a very social butterfly. A busy house with small children and a lot of people in and out would most likely be too overwhelming for Stache.  Read More

Sunday, October 1

Join the NH Humane Society and Subaru of New England in a social media campaign to  make a difference for pets - #SNELovesPets! Simply post pictures of your four-legeed, furry, feathered or fanged friends on social  media throughout October and Subura of New England will donate $5 per pic - up to $60,000 total!! Read More

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