Sunday, October 1

Join the NH Humane Society and Subaru of New England in a social media campaign to  make a difference for pets - #SNELovesPets! Simply post pictures of your four-legeed, furry, feathered or fanged friends on social  media throughout October and Subura of New England will donate $5 per pic - up to $60,000 total!! Read More

Tuesday, September 19

Introducing any new member into an existing household requires at least some sort of an adjustment period and adding a new canine into this mixture is certainly no exception. After all, these furry new friends are about to become the newest member of our family and since they’ll be treated as such, we can make the transition better for everyone involved. Decisions, Decisions Read More

Monday, September 18

Big fat cats seem to be the order of the day at New Hampshire Humane Society, we love them, the adopting public is in awe of  their size, our staff veterinarian says “ must lose weight!”  Read More

Thursday, September 7

Visit the Laconia Pet Center any time in September and "round up" your purchase - to the next dollar, $5 or more! - and make a difference for the thousands of animals that pass through our doors every year! Read More

Monday, August 28

Large and in charge, that would be Butch, aged seven, who has returned to us after many years with a beloved family. His owners loved him dearly and Butch loves people. He was fortunate enough to live with humans who showered him with affection - and food. Butch blossomed to such rotundity his vets subscribed diet food. He may have lost a pound or two before his returne to NHHS, but for his own health and welfare, his diet continues. Read More

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