Thanks to a sizeable donation from the Alex & Elizabeth Wholly Lewyt Charitable Foundation, the NH Humane Society is excited to announce a FREE spay & neuter service to the public.  The Lewyt Fund Spay & Neuter Program is open to residents of all towns.  

The Lewyt Fund Spay and Neuter Program is open to Cats & Dogs aged 3 months to 6 years.  Dogs must not exceed 50 pounds (with some exceptions for male dogs), and cannot be brachycephalic breeds (i.e. squished noses).  Applicants should provide current vaccination status for the pet; all animals must be current on rabies and distemper vaccinations, if not they can be done with surgery at no cost.

All animals will have a physical exam by our veterinarian prior to surgery, checked for external parasites (fleas/ticks, ear mites, tapeworms) and treated accordingly if needed.  All animals will receive a nail trim with surgery, and ear cleaning if indicated.

Surgery procedures are handled by appointment only, on Tuesdays per the following schedule:
    Drop Off:   8:00-8:30am
    Pick Up:    4:00-4:30pm
Payments for elective procedures are due in the morning at drop-off.  Cash and credit cards are accepted; no checks please.

Price Schedule:

  • Heartworm Test (for Dogs) $25
  • FIV/FeLV/HW Test (for Cats) $25
  • Microchip $25


Ancillary Charges:

  • In-Heat Cat Spay $0  (No in-heat dog spays, must wait 3-4 weeks after their heat cycle)
  • Cardboard Cat Carrier $5  (Cats must be in a carrier) 


To Apply for the Lewyt Program:  You can apply online, or by downloading and submitting a form.

Application Form Download: Click the 'Download Application' button below, fill out the downloaded form completely, and return to the Humane Society using the instructions on the form. 

Download Application


Online Application: Complete each of the fields below. If you are applying for more than one animal, enter a value of 1 through 5 in the field provided (5 animals maximum); a set of fields will be generated for each animal. When all fields have been filled/completed, click the 'Submit' button; your application will be processed by our veterinary staff.

Lewyt Spay/Neuter Program Form


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