SNAP is the New Hampshire Humane Society's Spay/Neuter Assistance Program, available to anyone, providing an affordable alternative for pet owners seeking spay or neuter services.  In each of the past few years, the Humane Society's SNAP program has provided over a hundred reduced-cost spay and neuter procedures. 

SNAP is open to Cats & Dogs aged 5 months to 6 years.  Dogs must not exceed 50 pounds, and cannot be brachycephalic breeds (i.e. squished noses).  Applicants should provide current vaccination status for the pet; all animals must be current on rabies and distemper vaccinations, if not they can be done with surgery.

All animals will have a physical exam by our veterinarian prior to surgery, checked for external parasites (fleas/ticks, ear mites, tapeworms) and treated accordingly if needed.  All animals will receive a nail trim with surgery, and ear cleaning if indicated.

To apply for SNAP:  Download the application form, fill out completely and return to the Humane Society using the instructions on the form.  SNAP procedures are handled on Tuesdays per the following schedule:
    Drop Off:   8:00-8:30am
    Pick Up:    4:00-4:30pm
Payments are due in the morning at drop-off.  Cash and credit cards are accepted; no checks please.

Price Schedule:

  • Cat Neuter: $95
  • Cat Spay: $150
  • Dog Neuter: $175
  • Dog Spay: $250
  • TNR (Feral Cat): $45


Additional Procedures:

  • Rabies Vaccine $15
  • Distemper Vaccine $15
  • Heartworm Test (for Dogs) $25
  • FIV/FeLV/HW Test (for cats) $25
  • Microchip $25


Ancillary Charges:

  • Topical Flea/Tick Medication: $15
  • Oral Flea Medication $15
  • Tape Worm Treatment $15
  • Ear Mite Treatment $15
  • Umbilical Hernia Repair $50
  • Pregnant Animals $50
  • Cryptorchid Animals $50
  • In Heat Cat Spay $0 (No in-heat dog spays, must wait 3-4 weeks after their heat cycle)
  • Cardboard Cat Carrier $5 (Cats must be in a carrier)