Dog Walkers

These positions are available on a daily basis. Volunteers walk, play with and socialize the dogs. Volunteers must be familiar with NHHS dog walking protocols and take the appropriate training courses.

Feline Socializing

These positions can be scheduled any time of day. Volunteers can spend time socializing, brushing, and playing with the cats. Volunteers must be familiar with NHHS cat socialization program.

Foster Care

This position is for individuals who can welcome an animal into their home on a temporary basis. These animals may be sick, injured, senior, very young, or otherwise not able to be at the shelter. An additional foster application must be completed if you are interested in this position.


Volunteers assist in raising money for the shelter. This can include large event planning, developing income generating programs, preparing mailings and/or other projects as determined by the administrative team.

General Cleaning + Laundry

Needed daily. Volunteers can wash dishes and bowls, sweep/mop the floors, work in the laundry room and other perform general cleaning tasks.

Feline and Canine Assistants

These positions are available on a daily basis to assist staff in cleaning. This is one of the most important roles within the organization. Morning volunteers are always extra helpful but we have available shifts and duties throughout the day. Volunteers must be familiar with our cleaning protocols and safe animal handling


This position involves both inside and outside work and may include lawn maintenance, snow shoveling, landscaping, or building maintenance.

Special Events

Volunteers are needed to work at off-site events such as craft fair/informational tables, fundraising events, rabies clinics and other shelter events held throughout the year.

How to Get Started

Ready to put your love of animals into action? Complete the online Volunteer Application and submit it! Your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted by the staff. Thank you for your patience.

Upcoming Orientations and Trainings:

  •  Sessions will be scheduled soon and listed on our events page and on social media.

  •  Can you spare a couple of hours a week to work in our laundry room?  As you can imagine, our animals use a LOT of linens on a daily basis and we really need your help. 

  • If you have other questions, contact 

Opportunities for youth (ages 5-15)

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